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Geoteric | April 4, 2013

The Link for Petrel now supports CMY Blends- How can they help me?

The Link for Petrel now supports CMY Blends- How can they help me?

Geoteric on 04 Apr 2013
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With GeoTeric a user can now transfer colour blends into Petrel where they can be used for interpretation. Interpretation on CMY blends reduces uncertainty and gives greater confidence in a structural analysis.
The data set, offshore NW Australia, illustrates how combining three edge detection attributes reveals structural subtleties and variations in the data.

The blend is a composite of Grid Orientated Semblance, which is a form of cross correlation, Structurally Orientated Discontinuity which makes statistical variability measurements within a specific footprint and Tensor which looks at a local structural tensor.  Each attribute detects different characteristics of a fault expression, displayed as cyan, magenta or yellow.  Where there are multiple responses, primary colours are observed and black denotes a uniform response.

A simple transfer process from GeoTeric to Petrel, using the Link for Petrel transfers the high resolution CMY blend at the same resolution displayed in GeoTeric.  The blend at this stage can be used for visualising as a 3D cube or in slices and mapping onto horizons.  To continue a fault workflow and interpret on the blend, the blend must be converted into a seismic cube, resulting in a slight decrease in resolution but it enables the use of Petrels interpretation tools.

The seismic cube can be used as a guide for interpretation.  Structural and deformational features are easier to visualise using a CMY blend.  Fault interpretation on a CMY blend aligns with discontinuities in the reflectivity and represents a truer geometry of a fault.

The outcome is a more accurate interpretation with less subjectivity that ultimately will be used to derive a geological model of the target area.

CMY analysis for structural insights is a simplistic and user friendly method of viewing multiple attributes within one volume and can now be used for interpretation in Petrel. This allows the user to make more informed decisions and ultimately gives more power to the interpreter.

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