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Geoteric | January 23, 2014

Adaptive Geobodies as mask volumes for IFC+

Adaptive Geobodies as mask volumes for IFC+

Geoteric on 23 Jan 2014
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Adaptive Geobodies  is a powerful and flexible tool which can also be used as an aid to constrain your Interactive Facies Classification (IFC+) into a defined area.
  • Firstly a GeoBody has to be picked using the Adaptive GeoBodies Tool. In this example the GeoBody has been picked on a High Definition Frequency Decomposition (HDFD) blend. 
HDFD Blend & Adaptive Geobody in 3D View
  • To output the Adaptive GeoBodies into your project tree as a volume, right click on the generated Geobody and select; Create ROI/Volume.
  • Then set the parameters for the output Geobody volume, the extents need to be the same as the volume extents to utilise with other volumes into the IFC+ tool.
  • In this case the HDFD colour blend and Adaptive Geobodies volume have been selected from the item tree in the IFC+ tool. 

The IFC+ enables the classification of seismic facies withmulti-attribute and RGB data along with incorporated well visualization and cross plot functionality.

HDFD Blend & Adaptive Geobody Mask in Time and Cross line view
  • The next step is to select your sample area(s) for classification. This is done by clicking on the Sample Area tab in the IFC+ control panel and then clicking on the Plus tab to manually draw the sample area on your selected volumes. Then select the Tick tab to initiate the calculation of your facies within GeoTeric.
  • The facies generate with a hierarchical classification, creating sub-facies based on the variability of the data. The number of facies and acceptance level can be manually adjusted from the IFC+ control panel.

The below example shows that with only the HDFD volume as an input the classification leaks into the surrounding area (left image). By adding a GeoBody Mask Volume, the facies are constrained in vertical (right image). 

HDFD Blend (XL) with IFC+ Classification & HDFD + GeoBody Mask Volume (XL) with IFC+ Classification

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