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Geoteric | May 22, 2014

GeoTeric: Parser

GeoTeric: Parser

Geoteric on 22 May 2014
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The Parser in GeoTeric can be found in the Processes and Workflows window in the Volume Maths section. Depending on the mathematical expression supplied, the Parser can be used for combining data, multiple attribute analysis, interpreting data and processing data.

The above image shows how a regional (large filter) fault detection and a detailed (small filter) fault detection from the Fault Expression tool are embedded into the noise cancelled data
The example above shows two Fault Detects being combined with the reflectivity data using the Parser.  The parser expression below embeds the 2 different FaultDetect results in the reflectivity- the regional faults are given a value of 15000 whereas the detailed faults are given a value of 30000. 

where: im1 = regional fault detect, im2 = detailed fault detect, im3 = reflectivity
The opacity curve shows the histogram of the reflectivity data with the faults at values 15000 and 30000. ( The values of 15000 and 30000 work well for a 16bit dataset, when using 8bit or 32bit data they will need to be modified accordingly)
Below is a full table of all the operators and functions that can be used within the Parser. 

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