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Geoteric | July 31, 2014

GeoTeric volumes in DUG

GeoTeric volumes in DUG

Geoteric on 31 Jul 2014
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Visualisation of complex volumes in DUG Insight*

GeoTeric users are able to transfer complex volumes such as colour blends and DipAzimuth Combined into DUG insight.  Colour maps can be imported into DUG Insight using either DUG format or Petrel ‘ALUT’ colour maps. To import a colour blend the first step is to import the colour blend in SEGY format after exporting from GeoTeric. Then create a ‘New Class’ in the class tab as shown below.


Right click on colourmap image for the new class you created, load the relevant Petrel Alut file and select an interpolation method then define Min-Max for the loaded volume as shown below.


The same steps can be used to import colour maps for volume combinations.

* DUG Insight is a mark by DownUnder Geosolutions

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