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Geoteric | March 26, 2015

Which method of Frequency Decomposition should I use?

Which method of Frequency Decomposition should I use?

Geoteric on 26 Mar 2015
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In an earlier post we compared the 3 different method of Frequency Decomposition available in GeoTeric. The answer to which method is preferred in different sceanrios depends on your interpretation objectives.
  • If you are looking for subtle features or compartmentalisation along a known horizon then the Constant Bandwidth option is likely to differentiate areas more effectively as it has the best frequency resolution, but it will not be interpretable on a vertical section.

  • If you are looking to differentiate different layers in a stacked channel system then vertical positioning is more important and the HD Frequency Decomposition methods should be used.

  • If you are doing data reconnaissance and you want to see what is in a large area, then the Constant Q method will give you a good balance between frequency resolution and time resolution and will be faster to run on large data sets than the HD Frequency Decomposition.

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