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Nicky Tessen | January 7, 2019

Geoteric 2018.2 release-  available now

Nicky Tessen

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Available 7 January 2019, the 2018.2 release from GeoTeric provides you with enhanced functionality and an improved user interface.  Here is an overview of what you can expect to see;

  • Auditable volumetrics can be made at any point during your horizon interpretation, offering a fast and effective evaluation to confidently take your operations forward.
  • Improved functionality to determine the actual thickness of the wedge using the velocities in the model and investigate colour response as a function of thickness.
  • Usability enhancement combines sequential SEG-Y import and export into a single request resulting in fewer clicks and increased efficiency. 
  • Upgraded well deviation and checkshots leading to better extrapolation of well path trajectory and more accurate positioning. 

Introduced as a result of your comments and feedback, we are keen to hear your views on GeoTeric 2018.2 as they continue to drive our development. 

For more information, our comprehensive 2018.2 release notes and bug fixes are available to download here.