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  • Geoteric announces the addition of 3D AI fault fine-tuning to Geoteric Stratum™

    NEWCASTLE, UK – 5 May 2021 – Geoteric, a leading geoscience software and services provider, delivers another paradigm shift in seismic interpretation by enhancing Geoteric Stratum™, to allow the user to fine-tune the 3D AI fault interpretat...

  • Geoteric reveals 30 E&P companies adopted its Collaborative AI technology within 4-months of release

    LONDON, UK – 25 January 2021 – Geoteric, a leading software and services provider, has reported a dramatic uptake of its on-premise Collaborative AI since the commercialisation of this technology in September 2020. This increase comes durin...

  • Platinum sponsor at PROSPEX 2020

    We’re excited to join the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) as Platinum sponsor for PROSPEX 2020, 15-16 December.  

  • Geoteric 2020.2 Release Notes

    Discover a deeper level of subsurface understanding with increased speed and accuracy.

  • EAGE 2020

    Join us for the EAGE 2020 Annual Conference and Exhibition, 8-10 December! The largest multidisciplinary geoscience and engineering event is now online! Make sure to drop by our virtual booth to view our technical presentations and connect ...

  • Future Oil & Gas 2020

    Join us at the Future Oil & Gas virtual event, 1- 2 December.   

  • Machine Learning in Oil and Gas 2020

    Join us for the Machine Learning in Oil and Gas 2020 Virtual Conference, 9-10 November! Our local team will be on hand to demonstrate our recently launched revolutionary seismic interpretation products, powered by artificial intelligence (A...

  • Gold Sponsor at Energyworld 2020

    Join us for the Energyworld 2020 Digital Conference, 5 November! Whilst the oil and gas industry remains an important part of the energy landscape, global and social priorities are changing rapidly.  Please join Jan Grimnes, our Chairman, a...

  • SEG 2020

    Join us for the SEG 2020 Annual Meeting and International Exhibition, 11 - 16 October! As we operate in a time of transformational change, expectations are higher and far reaching across the natural, political and social environments. In an...

  • AAPG 2020

    Join us for the AAPG 2020 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) online event, 29 September - 1 October!  Our local team will be on hand to demonstrate our recently launched revolutionary seismic interpretation products, powered by artifici...

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