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Geoteric | October 27, 2021

Geoteric 2021.1 Press Release


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Newcastle, UK 27th October 2021

Global AI seismic interpretation software provider Geoteric is celebrating another milestone release. Due to customer demand, Geoteric’s industry-leading AI Fault Interpretation, using 3D neural networks, is available as an on-premises solution, behind a company’s firewall.

As a result, this ground-breaking innovation allows all companies to deploy and benefit from AI fault interpretation. Faults can be rapidly and accurately identified using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) which have been pre-trained by geoscientists to recognise varying fault characteristics and are uniquely robust in delivering an unbiased interpretation, whether good or challenging data quality. One key differentiator in the new release is the ability to run multiple networks and preserve expertise from project to project through knowledge transfer by creating company networks.

The Geoteric workflows allow the user to enhance the out of the box results by fine-tuning the neural networks. Consequently, the interpreter gains a more accurate and detailed understanding of the subsurface to inform field development plans and increase safety.

Owen Lee, SVP Global Sales & Marketing commented:

“Geoteric 2021.1 delivers immediate results automating time consuming tasks and accelerating your seismic interpretation.  Complete with easy-to-use workflows, these results can be further enhanced by fine-tuning the neural networks, and applied on future datasets, or even shared across global teams.

“Additionally, delivering a complete interpretation from surface to target means new well planning is further de-risked by avoiding shallow hazards and ultimately, project cycle times are significantly reduced.”

AI Seismic Interpretation

Data courtesy of Geoscience Australia




Geoteric 2021.1 is available now to purchase.


About Geoteric 


Geoteric is a leading AI geoscience software and services provider to the energy sector, with tools designed to maximise subsurface knowledge.  Together with its best-in-class seismic attribute and interpretation workflows, Geoteric is redefining subsurface understanding by automating labour intensive tasks.  


Geoteric’s AI technology enables a detailed seismic interpretation, in a fraction of the usual time, with a greater level of fidelity.  Traditionally used by companies in hydrocarbon exploration and production, Geoteric continues to drive efficiency across the subsurface, supporting decision making in all energy projects including carbon capture and storage and wind farm placement, for a safer, cleaner, and more efficient energy system.   


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