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March Webinar: Geoteric 2019.2 Release

Geoteric Gold Sponsor at Energyworld 2020

Join us for GEO 2020

Geoteric 2019.2 release - available now

Kuala Lumpur Technology Forum 2019

October Webinar: Introducing Geoteric 2019.1 Release

Aberdeen Technology Forum 2019

Geoteric 2019.1 release - available now

Join us for SEG 2019

Norway Technology Forums 2019

Join us for AEGC, Perth

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See you at AAPG 2019

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February webinar:                                                      Our journey to revolutionise fault interpretation

Differentiate your licence bid application with validate

January webinar - 2018.2 release

November webinar - Prospect identification and de-risking using GeoTeric

October webinar - Integrated reservoir characterisation using GeoTeric – a case study

September Webinar - Validate your Frequency Decomposition colour blends using GeoTeric's Validate Wedge Model

Webinar - Enhancing your Cognitive Interpretation workflow

See you at SEG 2018

GeoTeric Norway Technology Forums

GeoTeric Technology Forum - Houston

June Webinar: Validating the Frequency Decomposition Results using Forward Modelling - Correlating Geology to Frequency

EAGE 2018

AAPG Salt Lake City 2018

Workshop: Accelerated Seismic Interpretation with Geological Validation

GeoTeric is Pleased to Sponsor the AAPG Young Professionals - London Chapter

GeoTeric Technology Forum Perth

Webinar - What's New in GeoTeric 2018.1

New Release 2018.1: GeoTeric Closes the Loop with Validate

GeoTeric Half Day Workshop: Accelerating Your Interpretation

Webinar - Application of forward modelling to improve understanding of frequency decomposition colour blends: examples from Scarborough Gas Field

GeoTeric Technology Forum, London 2018

Webinar - How to Refine Existing Interpretation in GeoTeric - On demand

GeoTeric to attend GEO Bahrain

Turbo Charge your Interpretation with GeoTeric 2017.2.2

Quantitative Interpretation of Frequency Decomposition Blends Using Seismic Forward Modelling: A Case Study on Thebe Gas Discovery, Offshore NW Australia

GeoTeric to attend - AEGC 2018

Augmented Interpretation: Machine Learning in Seismic Interpretation

Visit us at APGCE November 20-21

Facies analysis for integration into the geomodel – a Cognitive Interpretation approach

Get the latest release: GeoTeric 2017.2.1

GeoTeric to attend SPG India

A Cognitive Approach to Derisking the Thebe Discovery and its Future Potential

GeoTeric - Adaptive Interpretation

Machine Learning For Seismic Interpretation

Latest Release - GeoTeric 2017.2 with Adaptive Fault Interpretation

GeoTeric 2017.2 & Friday Social

An Afternoon with GeoTeric

GeoTeric at SEG Houston

September 2017 - Semi-automatic fault interpretation gives fast and accurate results

GeoTeric Webinar - What's New in GeoTeric 2017.2 Release

Adaptive Fault Interpretation on CMY blends

GeoTeric Webinar this August - The internal structure of a submarine channel system revealed by GeoTeric

September 2017 - Adaptive Faults

GeoTeric Nordic Technology Forums

How Cognitive Interpretation & Modelling Increases Understanding and Precision

GeoTeric Webinar - How to correlate your well markers and lithologies in GeoTeric

3D Editing in GeoTeric 2017.1

Tracking and Fill Modes

Time to Redefine Your Seismic Interpretation

GeoTeric 2017.1 - What's New Highlights

GeoTeric 2017.1 Latest Release - Webinar

GeoTeric Technology Forum, Houston

Adaptive Horizons with Regional Structural Awareness

GeoTeric at EAGE Paris 2017

GeoTeric Annual UK Technology Forum

GeoTeric to Attend AAPG ACE 2017

GeoTeric 2D is now available

GeoTeric US Onshore Webinar

GeoTeric present at AAPG/EAGE/MGS Conference 2017, Myanmar

GeoTeric announce new Link for PaleoScan

GeoTeric Pub Night - London

GeoTeric E&P Webinar Series 2017

Dr Gaynor Paton to present at EAGE Student Lecture Tour 2017

Success at SEG Dallas 2016

Success at EAGE 2016 - Thanks to you!

GeoTeric Online Training for Asia Pacific

GeoTeric to present at AAPG ACE 2016, Calgary, Canada

GeoTeric 2016.1

GeoTeric 2016.1 Release

GeoTeric 2016.1 - Coming Soon!

GeoTeric Launches Online Training Series

GeoTeric Appoints Mark Littman as VP Sales EAME

GeoTeric to present at AAPG Technology Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand

GeoTeric to present at the 2016 GeoConvention, Calgary, Canada

GeoTeric in Geophysical Society of Houston's journal

GeoTeric Software Announcement

Dr Gaynor Paton launches EAGE E-lecture Series

GeoTeric's 10th Annual Technology Forum

GeoTeric at ADIPEC 2015

Mark Walker joins GeoTeric

SEG 2015

GeoTeric Broadband HDFD

SEG Theatre Schedule announced

Cognitive Cybernetics

Success at AAPG ICE Melbourne

GeoTeric presents at the latest KLEX meeting

GeoTeric at the next instalment of the EAGE Student Lecture Tour

GeoTeric Software Annoucement

GeoTeric 2015.3 Release

GeoTeric at SBGf 2015

Dr Gaynor Paton joins the EAGE Student Lecture Tour


Seeing geology before you interpret it, GeoTeric® launches Cognitive Interpretation™

GeoTeric® plug-in for Landmark’s DecisionSpace®

Seeing geology before you interpret it, GeoTeric® launches Cognitive Interpretation™

Success at EAGE 2015

ffA releases GeoTeric plug-in for Landmark's DecisionSpace

ffA releases GeoTeric 2015

Technology Day Conference

ffA London office expands to new premises at 56 Buckingham Gate


GeoTeric Research and Development Consortium

9th Annual ffA Technology Conference 2015

Fault Expression video

GeoTeric Brochures now available in both Spanish and Portuguese

Adaptive Geobodies Technology video

New Release: GeoTeric 2014.2 for Windows and Linux

ffA’s global launch of GeoTeric®

Mr Jan Grimnes joins the Board of ffA

ffA announces opening of Rio de Janeiro Office

ffA GeoTeric First Geological Expression Software Certified for NVIDIA Maximus Technology

ffA announces new release for Q4 2012

ffA announces a trio of innovations in its new release for Q1 2013

ffA announces second release of 2013

ffA announces third release of 2013

ffA announces first release of 2014

Continued Global Growth Drives ffA Expansion

IMP and ffA sign agreement to develop Geological Expression based Shale Workflows.

Technology Day Conference

CIOReview Geoteric Time saving AI backed Solution for Seismic Interpretation article
GEOExPro May 2019