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Geoteric | December 23, 2021

Celebrating six months of climate positive action


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Geoteric is celebrating  six months of positive climate action through our partnership with Ecologi.

In half a year, we  have helped to fund 12 sustainability projects worldwide, planted 1,222 trees and offset almost 70 tonnes of carbon.

Have a look at the visual impact of our contribution in only six months!

Ecologi 6 months

We have supported a range of climate positive projects which directly impact atmospheric CO2 levels, including preserving the Amazonian rainforest, producing energy from wasted rice husks in India and harnessing the power of solar energy to generate electricity in Vietnam.

In addition to our collaboration with Ecologi, our teams are also making eco-conscious choices in their personal and working lives. We’ve set up a special dedicated Teams channel where we exchange hints and tips on how to live a greener lifestyle and explore eco-friendly alternatives for our office supplies.

During Great Big Green Week we made climate-positive changes such as adopting a plant-based diet and we regularly participate in local community activities such as beach cleans.

Geoteric forest is thriving

Reforestation is widely recognised as a major contributor to achieve NetZero goals. We’re proud to be growing our own forest via a partnership with Ecologi and to date, Geoteric forest contains 1,222 real trees in locations all over the world. Our monthly commitment involves mangrove planting in Madagascar and reforestation in Kenya, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Madagascar 03

How is carbon reduction calculated?

Geoteric offsets the carbon footprint of an employee lifestyle profile in addition to business travel.  To calculate this footprint, Ecologi combine data from the World Bank which reports CO2 and other greenhouse emissions.

Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi is a certified B Corp company and a platform for real climate action. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global carbon emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.

Ecologi are tackling the climate crisis through their partnerships with businesses, community groups and individuals.