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Nicky Tessen | February 10, 2020

Geoteric 2019.2 release - available now

Nicky Tessen

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Geoteric 2019.2 - Copy


Developments within Geoteric 2019.2 have been focused across two areas; performance and usability.


To allow Geoteric to function in a distributed compute environment, a usability study was undertaken and key bottlenecks have been resolved.  These included optimisation of machine resources on software start-up dependent on the memory and CPU available in that instance, as well as a focus on HDFD performance.


  • Machine Resource Optimisation
    Utilise the power of distributed compute performance by automatic optimisation on launch 
  • Support for high DPI screen resolution (2019 Series)
    2K and 4K screens are now supported
  • Cloud friendly
    for all major public clouds with performance optimisations and simple deployment.


Following the transformation of the fault interpretation workflow in Geoteric 2019.1 and feedback received, Geoteric 2019.2 incorporates updates to the fault interpretation workflow. Usability and reduction in factors known to cause RSI has been the key driver.


  • Improved Fault Surface Gridding
    Performant and stable fault surface gridding from input fault sticks


For the Validate license and its associated workflow, the process can now be saved with a final seismic volume in the Geoteric project.  Additional functionality across the  “Interpret” and "Reveal" license is listed below; 


  • HDFD Performance Improvements
    Faster workflows using HDFD on standalone desktop and distributed compute architecture
  • Seismic Volume Export
    Export a seismic volume back into Geoteric following a successful Validate workflow
  • Link for Petrel 2019.2
    Supported data transfer link between Geoteric and Petrel 2019.2


For more information, our comprehensive Geoteric 2019.2 release notes and bug fixes are available to download here.


Please note

We introduced a new process for our customers to download Geoteric at the beginning of our 2019 series.   

For further information or a password reminder, please contact Lynn Stevenson.