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Geoteric | October 17, 2023

Software release: Geoteric launch 2023.3 with faster processing of significantly larger seismic volumes.


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Fast processing of significantly larger seismic volumes and extract AI horizons in less than a second with Geoteric 2023.3



Geoteric 2023.3 has enhanced AI Horizon’s ability for processing significantly larger seismic volumes as well as detecting bigger patch sizes, resulting in much shorter interpretation time. The subsequent interpretation workflows have also been improved with smoother and accelerated horizon picking. Crucially, extraction time of horizons from larger volumes is now less than a second across the entire volume.

Seamless integration for model-ready results

The AI Fault Interpretation workflow has been improved such that AI-derived and extracted fault surfaces can be edited, joined and exported using fault sticks, improving integration with other workflows that require fault sticks to enable further structural model building.

Expert support at your fingertips

Support and IT functions have more tools available to ensure smooth installation and operation when AI services are situated on servers that are remote from the Geoteric application. These new installation diagnostic tools are available for quicker investigation into communication issues across networks.



Geoteric 2023.3 is available now, for more information request a download here  get in touch - info@geoteric.com