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Nicky Tessen | September 12, 2019

Geoteric 2019.1 release - available now

Nicky Tessen

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Latest Release

Geoteric 2019.1



Enhanced tools for manual and automatic fault interpretation, Geoteric 2019.1 delivers improved functionality within the Interpret model, complementing our AI Fault Interpretation Service deliverable. 


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Please note we recently introduced a new process for our customers to download Geoteric. 


For further information, please contact support@geoteric.com 

  • Fault Interpretation Usability
    Usability improvements focused on the reduction of mouse clicks and of mouse travel times and with a dedicated fault interpretation toolbar
  • Unassigned Fault Set Interpretation Workflow
    Fault stick folder for unassigned fault sticks to speed interpretation workflows
  • Fault Detect Stick Extraction
    Automatic Fault Stick extraction from the Fault Detect attribute
  • Fault Stick grouping
    Manual Fault Stick grouping into relevant fault sets by mouse painting interaction in the 3D scene
  • Fault Stick Filtering
    Visually filter the fault sticks in the project using the statistical information on each fault stick
  • Fault Stick Rose Plot Filtering
    The apparent stick dip direction and apparent stick dip angle are combined and plotted on the Rose Plot diagram which can be used to visually filter both stick direction and angle by interaction and selection within the Rose Plot itself
  • Fault Stick Clipping
    Visually clip fault sticks vertically above and below, around a Z plane
  • Volume Height Maps
    STOIIP and GIIP height maps as attributes of the interpreted top reservoir surface
For more information, our comprehensive 2019.1 release notes and bug fixes are available to download here.