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Latest Technical Blog Posts

  • Adaptive Horizons: Part 3 – 3D Editing

    Geoteric’s Adaptive Horizons tool allows the user to intuitively and interactively edit a tracked surface or interpretation. This is done by identifying the mis-pick in the interpretation, selecting the “3D edit” icon, and re-interpreting ...
  • Adaptive Horizons: Part 2 – Tracking and Fill Modes

    Tracking and Fill Modes Geoteric’s Adaptive Horizons have a variety of tracking and fill modes to allow the interpreter to extract a horizons surface in a fast and accurate way, while being cognitively intuitive. Geoteric’s tracking modes ...
  • Geoteric’s Adaptive Horizons: Part 1 - Overview

    Geoteric’s new Adaptive Horizons use regional structural awareness to create the fastest and most accurate 3D seismic interpretation. Any seismic, attribute or HSV colour blend volume can be used as a source for the Adaptive Horizons ...
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