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Latest Technical Blog Posts

  • Transition of rock properties in Validate

    Within Geoterics’ Validate module it is possible to define rock properties from well logs to generate geologically accurate models. Once accurate rock properties are defined in a model, it is important to accurately replicate the ...
  • Steering Your Analysis in the Right Direction

    Dip and Azimuth volumes are used in several ways in Geoteric, from processes such as Noise Cancellation (SO FMH & SO Noise filters) to attribute generation (SO Semblance, SO Dip Derivative, SO Discontinuity, Flexure, etc...). The ...
  • Geoteric’s Adaptive Fault Interpretation

    Geoteric’s Adaptive Fault Interpretation provides a fast and accurate interpretation system which improves the efficiency of your fault interpretation.
  • Adaptive Fault Interpretation on CMY blends

    Fault tracking on CMY blends for a multi-attribute based structural interpretation
  • Bedform Blends

    RGB Frequency Decomposition Blends are extremely useful in identifying both structural and stratigraphic events. These are best observed in the Z domain as the effects of vertical smearing are minimized. When observed along the inline or ...
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