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Geoteric | March 17, 2020

Part 2 - Peak Frequency and Peak Frequency Amplitude Volumes

Part 2 - Peak Frequency by Magnitude

In Part 2 of this blog post, adding the amplitude of the ...

Geoteric | March 17, 2020

Part 1 - Peak Frequency and Peake Frequency Magnitude Volumes

Peak Frequency and Peak Frequency Magnitude Volumes


In this 2-part post, a workflow is described on how to create and visualize Peak Frequency and Peak Frequency by Magnitude volumes. This workflow ...

Geoteric | March 17, 2020

GeoTeric update 7th of Jan 2016

In this patch we have introduced new versioning for our minor updates (the so called ‘HURU’ updates). The version for this update is ...

Chris Han | July 17, 2018

Populating Geobodies with Attribute Values using the Cookie-Cutter Process


Geoteric | March 17, 2020

Expression tools: output options

In GeoTeric 2015.3 you have 3D output options available from all the Expression tools. These allow you to streamline your workflow and saves you time. ...

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