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Abdul Cader | July 12, 2018

Report View

The Report View window is included among the many new features of GeoTeric 2018.1, such as Validate and the Master Project. It can be used to rapidly ...

Abdul Cader | July 26, 2018

GeoTeric 2018.1: Master Project

GeoTeric’s Master Project functionality allows the user to transfer data from a Master Project containing all key data into a Client Project which can be worked on individually. It also allows for ...

Abdul Cader | July 12, 2018

GeoTeric 2018.1: Interpretation Enhancements

With the upcoming release of GeoTeric 2018.1, a variety of enhancements to the Adaptive Interpretation tools will be added. This is in addition to a Master Project option, a Report View and the release of ...

Abdul Cader | July 17, 2018

Rapid Generation of Fault Sticks from an Existing Adaptive Fault Interpretation

GeoTeric’s Adaptive Fault Interpretation is a powerful data driven and interpreter guided method of structural interpretation. Since the Graph Theory algorithm is used by the Adaptive Interpretation ...

Abdul Cader | July 17, 2018

A Differential Approach to Revealing Thin Beds

As part of GeoTeric's Cognitive Interpretation workflow,

Blog Thin Beds Spectral Enhancement Vertical Resolution

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Abdul Cader | July 17, 2018

GeoTeric 2017 Adaptive Horizons: Part 3 – 3D Editing

GeoTeric’s Adaptive Horizons tool allows the user to intuitively and interactively edit a tracked surface ...

Abdul Cader | July 14, 2017

GeoTeric 2017 Adaptive Horizons: Part 2 – Tracking and Fill Modes

Tracking and Fill Modes

GeoTeric’s Adaptive Horizons have a variety of tracking and fill modes to ...

Abdul Cader | July 17, 2018

GeoTeric’s New Adaptive Horizons: Part 1 - Overview

As part of the Cognitive Interpretation workflow, GeoTeric’s new Adaptive Horizons use ...

Abdul Cader | July 17, 2018

Iso-Proportional Slicing in GeoTeric


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Abdul Cader | July 17, 2018

Investigating Spectral Enhancement using the Bedform Indicator Attribute

Spectral Enhancement is crucial process when analysing thin beds. The most common method to QC Spectral Enhancement is to use the slider in the Spectral Expression Tool. ...


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