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Luis Gomez | July 12, 2018

GeoTeric Link for Petrel

GeoTeric allows seamless connectivity to your existing interpretation platform through GeoTeric’s core Interpret module. The links included with GeoTeric are: Link for Petrel1 ...

Luis Gomez | July 17, 2018

Pseudo relief attribute

This blog post shows how to calculate a pseudo relief attribute volume using GeoTeric. The pseudo relief attribute gives a topography-like representation of the ...

Luis Gomez | July 17, 2018

Multi-volume phase alignment QC

GeoTeric offers a number of workflows that allow a QC of the phase alignment between multiple volumes. ...

Luis Gomez | July 17, 2018

The application of GeoTeric workflows to the Gohta discovery (Barents Sea)


Luis Gomez | July 17, 2018

Volume Combo: combine your stratigraphic and structural attributes

A powerful feature of GeoTeric is the ...

Luis Gomez | July 17, 2018

Multi-volume similarity workflows using Parser: AVO, 4D, Multi-Azimuth

GeoTeric can be used very effectively in a multi-volume environment to screen for ...

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